Not even in its 1950s heyday did any production of Julian Slade and Dorothy Reynolds ‘Salad Days’ tour anywhere for as long as 11 weeks, visiting 11 different well known towns and their principal theatres, That is the story of the 2018 production, which was so successful at the Union Theatre Southwark and the Theatre Royal Bath in August and September 2017 that the producers, Reagan de Wynter, decided that with only a few changes, it deserved a full length tour. Directed again by Bryan Hodgson, with some new additions to the cast including Coronation St star Wendi Peters, the show went to Brighton, Richmond (London) , Malvern, Manchester (Lowry), Chesterfield, Winchester, Coventry, Salisbury, Bridlington Spa, Exeter and Guildford.

Wherever the show went audiences included not just older people who remembered the show from earlier years but many younger people seeing and enjoying it equally for the first time. And when there were critics in the audience they were almost unanimous in praising the timelessness of the show, its humour and the tunefulness of its music.
It is sad that ithe tour is over but many more people have now heard of Julian Slade and liked his  words and music so let us hope we shall see more of Julian’s shows. : Meanwhile you can read more about the tour under LATEST NEWS ‘Salad Days Delights Again’