ARCHIE HENDERSON composes highly original music. He pens funny lyrics and stand-up patter. At University he was a leading member of the Cambridge Footlights cabaret team. In other words there are already plenty of theatrical parallels between ARCHIE HENDERSON and his late great uncle JULIAN SLADE. The only big difference between them is that Julian, who died in 2006, was never a great dancer or body contortionist. Archie by contrast is both and the combination of all his talents has already helped him to win two comedy awards. In  2017, following  stints at the Edinburgh Festival and various other venues in a group calling themselves Two Plus One, Archie and two other Footlights partners, Luke Summer  and Joshan Chana, won the ‘Best Newcomer’ award   in the final of the WEGOTTICKETS Musical Comedy Awards at  the Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London.More recently, on April 7 2018, competing in  the Musical Comedy Awards at the Underbelly on Southwark, Archie has done it again, This time appearing on his own as ARCHIE HENDERSON. he gained the second  place award having won over the judges and the audience with what he himself describes  as a mix of’ a song from the perspective of Severus Snape (from Harry Potter) , thoughts about music as a comic device and the humorous impact it can have on words’  ‘Sounds boring to describe’ he adds ‘but the jokes are alright ‘- and, in every respect, concluded his act on a high note with an impression of the fast warbling singers in old Disney films
Most recently he has toured with his one man show Jazz Emu at three London venues (the Hen and Chickens Theatre, islington,  The Rose Theatre, Kingston and the Museum of Comedy, Holborn) followed by a successful season at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where he picked up a new comedy award ( the ‘Amused Moose People’s Champion’, as voted by the audience present on the occasion) and a number of good reviews including, below ,this comment from Nikki Slade, Julian’s niece and Archie’s  cousin


‘ I took my family up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer largely because I had a number of friends who were performing, including my young 25yrs old cousin Archie Henderson.,
It can be awkward when you are seeing a family member perform because the thought runs through your mind ‘what if I don’t like what they do?’. Cousin Archie was performing comedy daily at the fringe in his one man show ‘The Jazz Emu’. We booked tickets and entered the space with anticipation and high hopes that Archie would shine through! Well I can tell you speaking, from zero family bias, that Archie was absolutely brilliant. He strode out on stage like a musical chef. producing one musical rhythm track after another from his keyboard,  with as  much variation of ingredients as Jamie Oliver!
He then began to sing in countless different genres ranging from opera to street rap and then some. Chef Archie then added hysterical lyrics to the mix which had us all howling with laughter.
Not content with that he then throws in impressions including the whacko idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Just when you think he is going to run out of ingredients  on comes the screen effect with visual spoofs of ‘too cool for school’ pop videos  where he appears as a send up of himself  with slick back hair and shades and ‘Take That’ type of backing music.The cherry on the icing was the Facebook opera with a Facebook chat appearing on screen which Archie deftly transforms  into a musical  opera.
The man is an infinite fountain of creativity and whacky inspiration and I truly believe that we witnessed a comedic star in the making.He is a one off not to be missed!’

NIKKI SLADE A musician of another world. See nikkislade.com