RUPERT SLADE Julian’s nephew, came back from travelling in 1987 with a couple of comical poems. Within a few months he was performing what would now be called slam poetry all over London. He was the MC/co-creator of the singer songwriter’s club God’s Little Joke in Clapham old town as well as the main MC at the famous Troubadour coffee shop in Earls Court. A career in media beckoned and his poetic creativity was put on hold for 30 odd years. Having run Media companies across Central Europe he now works for himself and has more free time. In that free time  his creativity has been reignited and he has launched himself onto the Budapest English Language Comedy Scene. An English comedy scene in Budapest you may ask? The city is buzzing with comedy. The participants are from all over the world. There are comedians from as diverse places as India, Sudan, Argentina, fhe USA, Hungary, Poland and others.There is also the private club Brody Studios where there is a comedy club run by former Teletubbie Dave Thompson, at which  some of the biggest names in British comedy perform.
Rupert is one of the only Brits doing comedy here and is about 30 years older than the other comedians, but he is loving it. His inspiration comes from a variety of places. His material goes across a wide range of subjects –  middle aged angst, corporatism, homophobia, airports, cultural differences, politics, drinking and others.  Rupert says ” Comedy is my chance to make sense of the crazy world we live in and help realise that nothing is too serious. I have no idea where my comedy will take me, but the ride is great fun”.
ADRIAN SLADE,his father,writes. ‘Since 2008,Rupert and i have sponsored the Julian  Slade  Award which we were delighted that the    the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School was willing to introduce,run and adjudicate not long after Julian died. Our Award Winners (see LATEST NEWS below) are a lovely group of talented actors, singers and dancers with whom we like to keep in touch as much as we can.”