At 07,45 on May 28  2020 BBC ‘Breakfast’ on Radio 3 were kind enough to acknowledge that, if Julian Slade was still alive, he would have been 90 years old on that day. The programme marked the occasion by playing ‘The Time of My Life’, one of his best loved (and most appropriate) songs from ‘Salad Days’, the hit musical he wrote with Dorothy Reynolds for the Bristol Old Vic in 1954. As most readers of this website know, ‘Salad Days’ was a huge hit with Bristol theatregoers and, when it transferred in August 1954 to the Vaudevillee Theatre in London’s West End with almost all its original cast, it ran for all but six years until June 1960. At the time it outran all other London musicals  of the post-war period. In recent years there have been two very successful revivals of the show,at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith and a later extensive touring production of English theatres that originated at the Union Theatre in Southwark

This website and  Julian’s family are all very grateful to Petroch Trelawny and others involved in the production of ‘Breakfast ‘ on BBC Radio Three for drawing attention to this occasion and to Julian’s music..